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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 1, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> the top story is the fiscal cliff. they're just approved the votes to approve the fiscal cliff. this prevents tax hikes for the middle class. this magic number to pass was tutored 17. so it did receive. house
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speaker, john boehner voted " yes. this was the first sign and the next is the president's desk that should happen fairly soon. other big stories two people are killed in a crash after a police chase in san francisco's mission district. it's caught on south bay. our top story tonight.the fiscal cliff. the house is now voting on "fiscal cliff" tax increasesit looks as though the senate-approved bill will get enough votes to pass. for the middle class and earning over 450-thousandit also extends unemployment bill is 217. meaning thea police chase ends in a deadly crash. two people were killed this morning after a driver crashed into a liquor store in san francisco. this is surveillance video. a third person was badly injured. all the victims are in their 20's. >> while the remaining of this is being pulled away
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from the sidewalk the damage done is horrific. >> this was also in mid to 20 year-old pedestrian walking into the store that was pronounced dead. >> the passenger was also pronounced dead. this comes after the driver pulled over near the valencia gardens public, and as officers walked over he sped off. >> they did not want to get caught. toke off it because he tried to get away he crashed into this other car. >> the suspect is in the hospital but is expected to be okay. this major accident is on the scene it reconstructing the accident
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scene. they found a gun in his car. this task force is involved. >> i have families that are walking these streets i am walking the streets. >> the victims' names are being withheld until their families have been notified. that is the latest, alecia reed, kron 4 news. >> catherine: police say it all started when shots were fired at aalecia? it was a disturbing scene for people who live in the area. here again is that surveillance video in the liquor store. police say the pedestrian who was killed had been on >> this is devastated, this is not how this should have the way that we should have begun this year. >> catherine: the victims and the suspect have not
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been publicly the search for a man swept out to sea off point reyes has ended. the man has been found dead. this is video off point reyes from sky 7 h-d rescuers were called in after a man, woman and dog were swept to sea. kron4's charles clifford has the latest. >> reporter: just after noon on new years day, the coast guard received reports that a man and woman walking a dog along pt. reyes beach had been caught by what was described as a rouge wave. the woman and the dog were able to swim ashore with the help of people who saw what happene, but the man was swept to sea. the coast guard and the california highway patrol launched a rescue effort and searched for several hours. but arounnd 4pm, they found his body adrift in the waters off point reyes. he's described as a 59 year old male and his identity has not yet been released. the woman was examined by paramedics, but unijured.
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new court documents show that a silicon valley venture capitalist who was killed during a home invasion had been accused of making bad business deals, and that's only the beginning. this was the scene of the crime in monte sereno on november 30th. it's where raveesh kumra was murdered and his former wife badly beaten by assailants. kron4's scott rates shows us the surprising details of those court documents. >> prostitutes, illegitimate children that these are just a few things that they uncovered on november 30th. video from sky 7 that shows what the scene the suspects breaking into the suspect's home,, ransacking the house. and injuring his wife. court documents reveal a much
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different side of the venture capitalist. those documents show that the former a snowshoed was attempted to hide millions of dollars from creditors. those documents, on to say that he was known for purchasing condominiums for mattresses and spending money on prostitutes. suspects have been a arrested so far, there is no motive. reporting in the news room, scott rates, kron 4. >> catherine: an unusual stand-off in san jose - a naked man was holding police at bay with a samurai sword. that man - charles bennet - is now in custody - but not before a foot chase caught on video. this is how it ended - the video is from sky-7 h-d. investigators say the man brandished a sword - and said he wouldn't be taken
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alive. kron4's rob fladeboe has the >> reporter: this is the assault rifle, a fully- loaded ammo clip and the 3 and a half foot long samurai-style long sword taken from the suspect following his surrender, ending a dramatic 3-hour standoff here along southwest expressway and bascom avenue. as seen from high overhead in these pictures from sky 7 hd abc 7 news, the suspect, after refusing to drop the sword, decides to make a run for it. as he tried to dodge what police described as 'non lethal' projectiles, the suspect, can be seen, sword in hand, jumping a fence, eventually stabbing the blade into the ground before surrendering on the sidewalk along bascom avenue.
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based on this on the initial contact. >> reporter: the drama began around 8 30 new year's day, a few miles away near cass and easy street there seems to be definitely a task force that had to be intervened with mental illness or drugs a contributing factor. crisis intervention. where neighbors tell police the suspect was brandishing the assault weapon and then trailed here to a light rail station on southwest expressway where he dis-robed, abandoned his truck with assault weapon inside, and then stood for hours, sword in hand, refusing to cooperate with police. after being treated with what police said were multiple, though mostly minor injuries, the suspect was booked for
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brandishing a sword andan assault rifle. in san >> catherine: celebrating new year's eve to a 12 year- old boy is recovering is recovering after being shot in the foot. in fact there were two shootings along the embarcadero and in fisherman's wharf last night. >> i am very surprised to hear >> some of the most busiest and the san francisco. >> because this is a tourist place. >> last night's new year's eve there was a lot of people here. this trove year-old boy was shot along the embarcadero in europe. 23 cafe. this is video from sky 7 high-definition. iran is said by standards. >> this is crazy!
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>> -- they were both-well innocent bystanders. >> there also opened fire. these two shootings with just one of were a part in one of san francisco's busiest nights. >> new year's eve, not surprising if you're crazy stuff happens. >> as for the motives it is still not known but they are sorting through surveillance try to get a suspect description. j. r. stone, kron 4. kron 4's j.r. stone is in sacramento - two people cancellation of the city's sacramento. a man and a woman were shot. >> catherine: the c-h-p says
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there were a few more d-u-i arrests during this year's holiday crackdown. just under 13-hundred drivers were arrested for driving under the influence state-wide. which is up slightly from last year. 208 of those arrests were in the bay area - the same number as last year. >> jacqueline: already 40's. clear skies in place. the stormtracker route to the north with some high clouds are we're not going to see any rainfall for a while. very chilly conditions. the freeze warning into effect with defrost advisor for the east bayshore. and the peninsula. temperatures are going to be dropping into the 20's and 30's. we will take a look at those coldest temperatures coming up in just a bit. >> catherine: ahead at eight. it's been four years since the fatal encounter between oscar grant and bart police at a station in oakland. how grant is being remembered tonight. and the movie that's heading for sundance.
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a close call on a frigid lake. the dramatic video of a sledder. and his rescuers. falling through thin ice. and celebrating the first area.. the twist that makes this delivery. extra special.
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>> catherine: grocery stores in alameda county are now charging customers for paper bags. that follows the ban on plastic bags that went into effect last year. us what people think of the additional cost. >> jack refused to pay the extra 105. so he walked out in the cold carrying two bags he did not he was not alone. >> it is not worth it. and maybe i'd is one-stop
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shopping. >> i do not know what i'm going to do now. >> these used to be free. they did not mind paying the extra time to restore caught off guard. >> i thought that the guy was joking because i knew the guy and i said 105? i think that it is great. we do not need any more plastic bags. the maureen thinks that it is just fine. >> it works great. among grocery store is in alameda county are participating in this program. in alameda,
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kron 4. >> catherine: the first baby of the new year for the bay area was born at midnight in antioch. itself -- as kron four's jeff bush tells us, the boy was also delivered by his great grandmother. >> reporter: meet harley daniel sparks. he was born at the stroke of midnight at the sutter delta medical center with his great grandmother debra as the attending physician.which is unique enough but this isn't the first time she's delivered a family member. dr. debra stewart great grandmother >> i have eight grandkids and i delivered seven of those and i have three great grandkids and i delivered all three of those. >> reporter: kara jeter is harley's mom and is overjoyed by harley's entrance into the world. >> it's a blessing and it's really cool. i love it. the feeling, i can't explain the feeling but i already love him so much. >> reporter:
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>> i'm happy, really happycouldn't ask for anything better than a perfect baby. >> reporter: a perfect baby boy. the hospital staff says he already has a healthy appetite and good color. kara says having her grandmother in the delivery room was a reassuring feeling while having her first baby. >> it was very comforting. i'm happy that she was the one that was there. a truly remarkable story, indeed. four generations in one room on new years day. as you could see, baby harley is doing fine.a few stats to share with you. he was born exactlly at midnight.eight pounds, two and half ounces and 21 inches long. the new family will go home to bakersfield in a few days. i'm jeff bush in antioch, kron four news. >> jacqueline: we are in for a very cold night tonight. temperatures in the 20's and 30's. we are not going to see much warming with 50s
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expected as record towards a thursday, friday slightly warmer conditions expected. taking a look outside clear skies to run the bay area. the clouds are well offshore. not much rainfall expected. a look of our current temperatures already cool and a number of locations. 394 in novato and even colder. 26 through fairfield, and, 31 degrees in redwood city. if there is a freeze warning for the entire north bay. a sub- freezing for tonight and to be dealing with icn frosty conditions. a frost advisory for the east bayshore. the peninsula, morgan hill.
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temperatures in the 30's with giving yourself some extra time. as for the afternoon why? not much warmer. mid '50s for the most part. for the afternoon--highs. also, 50s. single digits as we go towards thursday and friday. temperatures are going to be warming up but not much rainfall. with clear skies over california. the stormtracker well to the north. with rainfall but we could see some more cloud coverage towards thursday. of those clouds will move along the north bay. temperatures are going to be cool but it take a look as we go towards the weekend. definitely, more
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tolerable. about 40 degrees. and to nearly 60 in napa. >> we've been telling you about the fact that the house has passed the fiscal cliff. if the president will be wasting no time in making a statement. you are looking at the microphones and the prix de rome. he is going to come out and this is considered-he is expected to come out and make a statement. with house speaker, john boehner. finally, the vote was put into place. so the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. you are looking live at the briefing president obama will be making a statement let us listen. >> at a central promise was
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to change the tax code that was too skewed towards the wealthy. at the expense of middle class americans. tonight, we have done that thank-you to the votes, the democrats, the republicans in congress. we will raise taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent of americans. while this could have sent it back into a recession and not having is a bigger impact on americans. i want to thank all of the leaders of the house, the senate and in particular i want to thank the work that was it done by my extraordinary president, joe biden. and as well as harry reed, speaker john boehner, nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell. everybody worked very hard on this and i appreciate it. under this law, more than 90 percent of
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americans and the small businesses will not see their income tax co op. millions of families will receive tax breaks to help raise children and go to college. they will continue to college will continue to receive tax credits and clean energy. 2 million americans that are out of work and out there looking will continue to receive unemployment benefits as long as they're actively looking for a job. but i think that we all recognize that this was just one step in the broader effort to strengthen our economy. and the fact is that the deficit is still too high. we are still investing too little in the things we need for the economy to grow as fast as it should. that is why john boehner and i try to negotiate a larger our agreement to put this
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country on a path to pay its debt. and also to put people back to work with building roads, bridges. but unfortunately, there was just not enough support or time for that type of larger agreement. that failure comes with a cost. with the messy nature over the last several weeks as meek business on certain. and consumers less confident. but we are continuing to chip away, step by step. last year i sent it signed into 1.7 trillion dollars into overseas production. tonight will for early further reduce the deficit with $620 million in revenue for the wealthiest americans and will be more deficit-reduction as congress decides what to do what the automatic spending cuts. that now, will be delayed for the next two months. let me make this point. as i demonstrated for
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the past several weeks i'm very open to confidence. and i agree with the democrats, republicans that the aging population and a rising cost of health care. makes medicare the biggest contributor to our deficit. i believe that we need to find reform without hurting seniors. that count on it to survive. and i believe there is further unnecessary spending that we could eliminate. but, we cannot simply cut our way towards prosperity. cutting spending past two go hand in hand with four reporters to our tax code. the wealthiest corporations, individuals cannot takes advantage of loopholes. and we cannot keep cutting things like basic research for new technology and still expect to succeed in a 21st century economy. we are going to continue to move forward in
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deficit-reduction but you would in a balanced way. to make sure the we are growing at making sure the we get a handle on where spending. one last point i want to make. while we negotiate over several things are will not have another debate with this congress over weather or not they should pay the bills that they have already racked up. through laws they have already passed. let me repeat. we cannot not pay bills that we have already incurred. congress refuses to give the united states government the ability to pay these bills on time. the consequences for the entire global economy will be catastrophic. far worse than the fiscal cliff. if you remember in 2011, the last time this course of march and was threatened, the entire recovery was put at risk. the super confidence plunged consumer confidence
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plunged. we cannot go down that path. today's agreement will chime in to the principle of the law as long as i am president. the deficit needs to be reduced with a more balanced budget. everybody pays their fair share everybody does their part. that is how or our economy works best. the son of a total of all the budget agreement's the we have reached so far proves that there is a payoff board. and it is possible if we focused not on our politics but on what is right for the country. the one thing that hopefully the new euro focus on is putting a package like this to gather. with less scare tactics. we are able to come together as democrats, republicans to cut spending and raise revenue that reduces our deficit, protect for middle-
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class and provides avenues for people that are willing to work hard. for the investments that are necessary to grow, compete and we can settle this debate. or at the very least not have it be consuming all the time that it stops to our host of creating and meeting challenges for immigration, infrastructure, protecting our planet from harmful climate change, and protecting our children from horrors of gun violence. it is not just a possibility, it is our obligation for future generations. our work look forward to meet with each member of congress to meet this challenge in the new year. i hope that some people would get a couple of days off so that people can refresh themselves because we're
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going to a lot of work to do in 2013. thank you, everybody and happy new year. >> catherine: president obama has acknowledged that they have passed the physical cliff to deal. it was long and messy as he indicated. there are more deadlines to follow but at least for now this will avoid the automatic spending cuts and tax hikes. this will increase taxes for individuals making a $400,000, and groups of people earning $450,000 and avoid expiring the long-term benefits for the long-term jobless. stay with us more news after the break.
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>> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. two people are dead and a third is in critical condition. after a shooting suspect being chased by san the mission district today. in a parked car were killed. was arrested. the coast guard has found the body of a man swept out to sea while walking his dog along point reyes. the man and a woman were hit by a wave. the woman and dog got back to shore okay. and the house of cliff. republicans wanted more spending cuts. the measure maintains tax cuts for all americans making under 400-thousand- dollars a year, or 450- thousand-dollars a year for households. stay with us ♪
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[ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app.
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>> catherine: today marks the four year anniversary of the shooting of oscar grant. he was the unarmed bart passenger shot and killed by police. it happened at the fruitvale bart station in 2009. this is video from a cell phone - from just before the shooting. today oscar grant's family and about a hundred supporters held a vigil at the station. kron-4's jeff pierce was there. >> those who continue to fight against oppression >> reporter: as many as a hundred supporters of the family of oscar grant, who was shot to death by a bart police officer early on new years day four years ago, held a vigil at the fruitvale bart station this afternoon.
8:36 pm
>> every new year's that comes we have to remember that. this is not a joyful time for us this is a painful time. >> reporter: the family has turned the anniversary of grant's death into a crusade protesting officer involved shootings. >> young men like trayvon martin being murdered, young men like romolly graham, young men like alan bluford. travis carter... officer involved shootings are continuing and not only continuing it's getting worse. (music) (singing) >> reporter: it was hoped that a ceremony of music and prayer could help bring some meaning to a family caught in the turmoil created on that ago. >> we want the world to fall in love with oscar. it is our hope that the world will begin to see young african american men that struggles in life just like everybody else, have a right to live. >> reporter: that tribute still leaves an ache in a
8:37 pm
mother's heart. >> it doesn't matter if it was today or ten years ago it's still your child and it still hurts. >> reporter: and a void in a daughter's life. >> my daddy's in everybody's heart. >> reporter: in oakland jeff pierce kron four news a movie about the oscar grant shooting will soon premiere at the sundance film festival. kron-4's vicki liviakis has details. >> reporter: oscar grant isn't exactly a household name. but the young man shot and killed by bart police on new year's day in 2009 will be larger than life. on the big screen. he's the subject of a feature film about to be released called "fruitvale" - where on this train platform - grant lost his life. and supporters - who don't want the public to forget - are holding a vigil. >> this is the real fruitvale - the bart station in oakland. but the film "fruitvale" is making it's debut in front of an entirely different audience - at the sundance film festival. co-staring is oscar winning actress octavia spencer as oscar grant's mother, wanda,
8:38 pm
who has high hopes for the film. >> my hope for the movie is that people will see the truth. the screen writer is budding bay area film-maker ryan coogler - shooting still photos at the vigil. he worked closely with grant's family - including oscar's uncle. >> if we can get this on the big screen, not just the 48 hours of oscar's life before he was murdered, but if we can get out what happens in the community with these rogue police officers across the united states. >> reporter: coogler didn't want to do an interview until the film's release. but in response to what resonated with him about the oscar grant story - he said simply because grant is a human being. in oakland vicki liviakis, kron 4 news.
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>> catherine: in national news. a connecticut lawyer has
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withdrawn his request to sue the state over the sandy hook elementary school shooting. the shooting left 26 people dead - including 20 children. attorney,irving pinsky accused the state of failing to provide a safe setting. he wanted 100-million dollars in damages on behalf of a six-year-old girl who survived. the lawsuit claimed the child suffered emotional trauma. it's not clear why pinsky pulled his request. but he says he's reserving the right to bring it up again. >> starting tomorrow, armed police officers will be stationed at all schools in the marlboro township, new jersey district. the township's high school already has a uniformed officer stationed there during the day. another officer visits the middle and elementary schools. but as of tomorrow - there will be officers at every school. the added police presence will stay in place until
8:42 pm
there's an upgraded security plan for the district. the idea is similar to one proposed by the n-r-a after the new-town shooting. but the local mayor says he came up with the idea even before the n-r-a suggestion. >> jacqueline: a very cold night. temperatures already freezing. no. forecast, coming u your forecast, coming up
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underway. >> video captured by an onlooker shows the chaos on a partially frozen california lake after a man fell through the ice on christmas day the sledder lost control and slid right into the part of the lake that wasn't frozen. several people tried to help -- and many of them also fell through the ice. rachel kim talked to the witnesses.
8:45 pm
>> one man walked his dog but and the moments, there were frozen with fear. one man's went through the ice. >> one person said that he could not swim and it was panic it was difficult to watch. we've watched him and we did not think that he was going to come back up. >> one after another they were also falling into the frigid waters. a chain reaction of slips and falls in. >> i ran back up to the car and asked for the rope. i went back down and i threw it. there was a 25 piece of rope and it was 7 ft. short. >> at this point, there was chaos and a language barrier. those began throwing ropes and they began to try entered tubes.
8:46 pm
after about eight minutes he tried and also used intertubes.... >> the strongman brought in the first person. >> we were thankful, it was christmas day. and we were hoping that notstretch what happened. that was rachel kim reporting. the lake has been closed through march. we'll be right back.
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>> jacqueline: night tonight. that high-pressure keeping things clear and cold. 37 through livermore, novato 27 degrees in santa rosa. 26 in fairfield. 29 in
8:49 pm
concord. temperatures near freezing for the bay shore and the south bay virtually the entire north bay is impacted. sub-freezing for several hours. frost and icy conditions and a frost advisory for the peninsula. even towards morgan hill and gilroy. low mid 30's. giving yourself some airtimsome extra time-recommended tomorrow. mid '50s for the most part. taking a look at your extended forecast with the dry conditions in store for the next several days. cloud coverage but notice these temperatures are also going to be increasing to nearly 60s by the weekend. and of
8:50 pm
the morning temperatures are also going to be a bit warmer. no fresh powder for the resourcresorts however, signifit bases if you would like more information the 49ers have a new kicker and your sports are coming up.
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>> welcome back. and in alabama. welcome back everyone. stanford looking for its first rose bowl win in 41 years. team. aerial of the rose bowl in pasadena.the 99th installment of what is known as "the grandaddy of them all" and the stealth bomber flyover. the rose bowl an aerial of the rose bowl in pasadena for what is known as "the grandaddy of em all!".the stealth flyover for the 99th rose bowl game tiger woods who once upon a time went to stanford 1st quarter stanford the play fake to stefan taylor - and kelsey young takes it outside for the 16 yard run to put the cardinal on the board first 7-0 stan still in the 1stfreshman kevin hogan the beautiful pass to tight end zack ertz for 43 yards down to the 3 yard line 12/19, 123 yards, 0 td's, 0 int's next play - taylor busts off right tackle for the 3 yard touchdown. 14-0 stan taylor: 20 carries, 88 yards, 1 td wisconsin athletic director
8:54 pm
- and interim coach barry alvarez concerned early 2nd quartermontee ball - college football's all time touchdown king does what he does best the 11 yard run and it's looking like we could have a shootout 14-7 stan ball: 24 carries, 100 yards :19 seconds left in the 2nd quarter 5th year senior curt phillips - pulls the badgers to within 3 with this 4 yard touchdown to jordan frederick 17-14 second half dominated by the defenses. 20-14 stanford, 2:30 left wisconsin driving for a potential game winning touchdown when usua amanam shuts the door on the badgers with this game- clinching interception wisconsin held scorless in the 2nd half and had just 82 yards of total offense stanford coach david shaw gets the gatorade bath.and the hugs the cardinal win their first rose bowl in 41 years final: 20-14 stanford cardinal finish 12-2 and a likely top 5 ranking >> i think that once he got his hand on the ball i do
8:55 pm
not think that one play will win a game i did happen to be of the right place at right timing. >> we know that it is going to be tight, close and we're going to find a way to win. >> rose will not the only one. .nebraska georgia headlined a few other great bowl games today capital one bowl nebraska vs georgia georgia quarterback aaron murray 1st quarter/ 9-7 georgia murray intercepted by will compton who returns it 24 yards for the touchdown 14-9 nebraska 1st play of the 4th quarter/ 31-31 tie murray flushed out of the pocket and throws it to keith marshall who makes a great adjustment on the ball 24-yard touchdown 38- 31georgia murray dumps it to chris conley there are no defenders in the middle of the field. so he takes it 87 yards for the touchdown 45- 31 georgia final: 45-31 georgia steve spurrier leading the game-cocks in the outback bowl.taking on the wolverines. outback bowl - michigan vs south carolina
8:56 pm
steve spurrier the 'ole ball coach 1st quarter/ 7-3 south carolina ace sanders returns the punt 66 yards for a tochdown 14-3 south carolina 4th quarter/ 22-21 michigan jadeveon clowney with the big hit forces the fumble then recovers the ball with his free hand under 4 minutes left/ 27-22 south carolina devin gardner hit jeremy gallon for the 17-yard touchdown pass 28-27 michigan 17 seconds left dylan thompson who was in for the injured starter puts it up for bruce ellington who makes the catch. cuts left and scores the winning touchdown final: 33-28 south northwestern hadn't won a bowl game since 1949.longest drought in college football the drought ended today in the gator bowl against mississippi state gator bowl - northwestern vs mississippi st. pat fitzgerald and northwestern looking for their first bowl win since 1949 1st quarter/ scoreless
8:57 pm
tyler russell is intercepted turns it 30 yards for the touchdown 7-0 northwestern 3rd quarter/ 20-13 northwestern kain colter can't find a receiver so he takes off and trevor seimien 4-yard touchdown run 27-13 northwestern fitzgerald gets the gatoraide bath and northwestern gets it's first during their bye week - coach harbaugh giving the team three days off - back to work thursday. the midst of david akers struggles.the team has brought in another kicker.billy cundiff was cundiff unfortunately best known for this miss in last year's afc championship game going to the superbowl. the ravens cut him shortly thereafter -- he was picked up by the redskins before the season, only to be cut again back in october after he missed on 5 of his last 8 attempts.the 49ers will be his 11th team. >> there will always be a level of competition are round it. >> akers meanwhile is having the worst season of his 14 year career.two more misses career average.odd considering akers is a 6- time pro bowler and one of the best in nfl history >> we certainly want to make the right decision, he has done a right decision. >> and it is difficult to
8:58 pm
believe that he has been cut from nine different teams now just an opinion - but it would appear that harbaugh made this move to light a little competition will snap can't see cundiff -- a guy whose been cut by nine teams and hasn't played in three months -- sniffing the field 49ers. >> see you and 11 at 411
8:59 pm